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At World Shiner, we know, diamond business is more about trust than anything else...


The ultimate aim to undergo the most detailed & accurate grading is to enable our customers at remote locations to order without personal inspection.

Every diamond at World Shiner is vigorously sorted to its appropriate characteristics to give our customers the following benefits:


Specific goods at our finger tips:

With availability of comprehensive details of cut, colour, clarity & detailed description of each parameter you can find the diamond of your choice.


Advantages of Market Variations:

As World Shiner sells diamonds on a piece-a-packet basis, the customer gets the advantage of buying only the required goods. Hence you can order only the current marketable goods.


Holding minimum inventory to reduce liability:

World Shiner gives you the advantage to buy diamonds of only immediate requirement instead of holding an inventory. This indeed reduces the liabilities of your business.


Unlimited Interest Saving:

Our system helps you in holding minimum inventory as required by you which in turn would save you a lot of interest on inventory, thus adding profits to your business.


Enhances your Satisfaction:

Customer can count on our clear and comprehensive quality descriptions and in turn provide prompt services to their clients which enhances their credibility.